Andrew Davie Timber Frame Homes Andrew Davie Timber Frame Homes Andrew Davie Timber Frame Homes

Based in Glenrothes, Fife Andrew Davie Timber Frame Homes has been operating in Scotland for over thirty years supplying the local and national market with timber frame kits and working on our own property developments.

Sourcing the best materials and utilising knowledgeable and experienced Employees, we can produce kits for a wide variety of projects including one-off houses, multi-storey developments, entire new-build estates and light-to-medium commercial/industrial properties.

Taking pride in our work, the organisation is also affiliated to the TRADA association and all current housing developments are registered with NHBC.

In the recent past we have constructed nurseries, kits for flat developments and expanded our own business park alongside timber frame kits for recent developments within the Fife region and the Scottish Borders (See our Developments section). 

We pride ourselves on flexibility and meeting the customers' needs, whether that is a multiple order of kits or a one-off 'design and build' project, based on a professional experienced approach with the personal touch of being a family run organisation. We have the ability to supply timber frame kits across Scotland and Northern England, and are always open to new areas when and where possible.

Andrew Davie

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