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In addition to our domestic housing production, we have significant experience in the construction of commercial buildings including office blocks, children's nurseries, retail spaces and bespoke situation designs (e.g Quarry Office). Further to this, as shown with Eastfield Business Park, we can construct light to medium scale industrial units.


Currently, we have a commercial office development progression at the Saltire Centre, Glenrothes with first phase office spaces of up to 3,800 sq ft and further options available. Also, Eastfield Business Park has plans for expansion, with high quality flexible space for either retail or commercial purposes.

Both these sites are ideally suited due to excellent infrastructure links, modern design and ease of utility services being supplied.

Further to our experience in constructing domestic properties, over the years we have done a number of projects for commercial organisations. These include general offices, light to medium industrial & retail units, children's nurseries and quarry office facilities. Whether you and/or your organisation require new property to lease or purchase outright, we would be interested in hearing from you.

Our business park ideally situated on the outskirts of Glenrothes (see map) has significant room for expansion, and additionally there is a new office development starting at the Saltire Centre, in the centre of Glenrothes.

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